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Psychic Medium, Angel Therapy Practitioner®,

Spiritual Counselor & Speaker

I have worked with thousands of clients across the globe. Over the last decade, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping clients find answers to life’s most challenging situations. My specialty is assisting people in transforming their lives, especially when moving through personal loss and change.

Whether I am connecting a client with a deceased loved one, channeling messages from angels and spiritual guides, or providing practical guidance for connecting with one’s highest self, I do so with compassion, clarity and accuracy.

Here’s How I Can Help

Private Readings

Find comfort and closure connecting with deceased loved ones…clarity and courage as you connect with your angels and guides in a 1-on-1 session.

Spiritual Counseling

Combine life coaching with intuitive readings to give you both earthly and spiritual tools to expand and reach all your goals.

Group Development

Be fully involved in the learning process and connect with like-minded individuals who share your same passion for spiritual growth.

What Others Have To Say

Has confirmed how much my mom is in my life


It’s always a pleasure to speak with Heather and she offers such healing information – this time when I visited with Heather it was the first anniversary of my mom’s death – and Heather was able to really be the bridge for my mom and myself (along with the angels). Receiving all of mom’s messages and confirmation of her presence from and through Heather has truly eased …      READ MORE

~ Virginia

Naturally talented & gifted … she shares it with the rest of the world with humility, love and truth


Heather’s Angel Workshop is dynamic, powerful and inspirational. Because of her caring and genuine nature, Heather’s work is profound and nurturing. I have been to plenty of workshops and have met many professionals in the personal growth industry. Heather’s ability to see the truth and invite the best in you to come forth sets her apart from the rest…     READ MORE

~ Trudi B.

She confirmed that my loved ones are still here around me daily


I had the privilege of having an in-person reading with Heather. She was able to connect with my loved ones in a positive way. It gave me the relief for which I had been asking for a very long time. She was able to give me many confirmations that she was talking with my loved ones. She mentioned things that were not common knowledge to even my closest friends ….     READ MORE 

Sandy ~

I was amazed, relieved, and touched


Heather is the best psychic/medium communicator I’ve contacted (this includes a couple of nationally renown psychic mediums that I’ve spoken to within the last year who were also quite accurate and helpful). Without offering a word or question, Heather addressed not only the major issues that were pressing on my mind with amazing accuracy and detail, but she also directed …         READ MORE

~ Krista

She has made me realize that I am a gifted individual


Since taking Heather’s Angel Workshop, I feel very full of loveand very confident that I can call on my angels that surround me at all times. The love and confidence that Heather exudes are infectious. I feel very blessed in being introduced to Heather, for she has helped me help myself in so many ways. Having had readings from her as well, I highly recommend any class or …     READ MORE

~ Ecila H.

Straight From My Heart

Hello, My Sweet Souls

How are you doing? No, really....how are you doing? I can hear most of you saying......"I'm fine......I'm okay." But truly.....how are you? If you are like many I have spoken to over the last few months then your answer may be overwhelmed, exhausted or even numb. Hang...

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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Have you ever had one of those moments? The kind of moment that grabs your attention so clearly and embraces you with all the love and support that heaven can offer up. I have been privy to many of these moments over the years. My last blog entry even chronicled one...

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When Heaven Reaches Out to Say Hello

Let’s face it. Life can get hectic. There are a hundred reasons each day to get distracted and miss those loving signs sent from heaven above. But, in those moments they work hard to get our attention and we notice, THOSE MOMENTS are some of the best moments EVER!...

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