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About Heather Hildebrand

Hi, I'm Heather and I am a Psychic Medium, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Speaker and a Spiritual Counselor who has worked with thousands of clients across the globe. My specialty is assisting people in transforming their lives especially when moving through personal loss and change. Whether I am connecting a client with a deceased loved one, channeling messages from angels and spiritual guides, or providing practical guidance for connecting with one’s highest self, I do so with compassion, clarity and accuracy.
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Mediumship Readings are a very unique and sacred form of communication that bridges the gap between our world and the after life. Reconnecting to the people you love and miss in spirit can be transformational and uplifting. It also serves as a beautiful part of the healing process of grief. I use my intuitive gifts to communicate directly with these deceased loved ones to bring forth evidence that they are very much aware of what is going on in your current life and that the loved you both shared is still very much alive. Find out more about attending either a private or group mediumship event today.

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I offer a wide range of workshops such as Mediumship - Talking to Heaven, Angels 101, Igniting Your Intuition, Raising Spiritually Gifted Children, Manifesting a Magical Life, and Using Angel Cards. There is no better way to explore your spiritual side than by being fully engaged. My workshops & classes allow participants to be fully involved in the learning process and allows an opportunity to connect with like- minded individuals who share your same passion for spiritual growth.
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