Heather is the best psychic/medium communicator I’ve contacted (this includes a couple of nationally renoun psychic mediums that I’ve spoken to within the last year who were also quite accurate and helpful). Without offering a word or question, Heather addressed not only the major issues that were pressing on my mind with amazing accuracy and detail, but she also directed me to the appropriate angels and ascended masters to help with each situation. Literally within a day after following her advice, I began to notice the angels and ascended masters’ intervention in these situations. Additionally, Heather and the angels, brought up my son’s special connection to angels that I had suspected since his birth, but never discuss because my family members all chalked up my suspicions as just being a proud parent (which I am, but I knew this was different and very special). As Heather recounted to me the specifics of his situation (picking up on different dreams he’s had and specific angelic interaction that only myself and my husband know about), she helped me understand the tendencies of Indigo and Crystal children and how to assist him and keep him from fearing this gift/connection. No one before has ever tapped into my deeply held beliefs about my son, but Heather did and I was amazed, relieved, and touched.
Aside from Heather’s amazing abilities, she has a wonderful, sweet, and down to earth personality that make the reading reassuring and relaxing – more like visiting with a good friend. And while her style is warm and friendly, make no mistake, she will provides you with so much information you better have a couple of pieces of paper and pen ready from the beginning because you’ll be very busy writing everything down, the angels have much to say!! You can’t go wrong by contacting.

Heather, I’m glad I did and I know I will contact her again!”
~ Kristi

Since taking Heather’s Angel Workshop, I feel very full of love, and very confident that I can call on my angels that surround me at all times. The love and confidence that Heather exudes is infectious. I feel very blessed in being introduced to Heather, for she has helped me help myself in so many ways. Having had readings from her as well, I highly recommend any class or teaching/reading that Heather offers. She has made me realize that I am a gifted individual, and that I need to allow myself more time to bask in my talents that she has brought to the surface.
~ Ecila H., New Braunfels, TX

I had the privilege of having an in-person reading with Heather. She was able to connect with my loved ones in a positive way. It gave me the relief for which I had been asking for a very long time. She was able to give me many confirmations that she was talking with my loved ones. She mentioned things that were not common knowledge to even my closest friends. For example, she said that my loved one had an impact on his passing, but that it wasn’t from a vehicle accident. This was true. My loved one died from drowning, which many people knew. Very few knew that he had hit his head on the side of the pool. She told me some things that were his favorite things to eat. She told me specific statements that he had said to me. She also told me about some things that are currently going on in my life that aren’t common knowledge either about my career and my relationships.

I am sure that your reading may not include specific things that were revealed to me in mine, but do know that it will bring you a peace and a calmness. She confirmed that my loved ones are still here around me daily. Although I knew that they were here, it was wonderful to hear it from someone who doesn’t know me or my situation. Heather was a comfort to me. The whole process was peaceful. Heather put me at ease from our first phone conversation to set up the appointment. When I feel the need to connect with my loved ones again, I will be calling Heather.
~ Sandy

Heather’s Angel Workshop is dynamic, powerful and inspirational. Because of her caring and genuine nature, Heather’s work is profound and nurturing. I have been to plenty of workshops and have met many professionals in the personal growth industry. Heather’s ability to see the truth and invite the best in you to come forth sets her apart from the rest. She is naturally talented and gifted in her work and shares it with the rest of the world with humility, love and truth.
~ Trudi B., Austin, TX

I’ve had several readings with mediums, but my sessions with Heather always leave me the most satisfied. I almost feel like my deceased loved ones and spirit guides are GLAD I chose her to relay their loving messages back to me. She’s insightful, compassionate and most importantly, accurate. Nearly every single time I have a reading with her, the angels make themselves known to me….and once you experience that you kinda know you are getting readings from the right person…..thank you Heather for sharing your amazing gift with me! I’ll be back!!!
~ J.B.

I love Heather…I have been consulting with her for years and her connection to the angels is so real and comforting. She is a real channel for the angelic realm. She always has tons of information to give and she also has great psychic intuitive gifts. She Has provided me so much comfort and guidance through the years. I am truly grateful for her gifts.
– M.K.

I just wanted to tell you thank you for your time and sharing your gift with us today. It has meant so much to us. My mom and I both agreed that we actually feel like different people and I believe we have found some peace that might have taken a long time for us to get, if we ever got it at all without you. Thank you again so much! I hope to meet with you again soon!
~ Paula

It’s always a pleasure to speak with Heather and she offers such healing information – this time when I visited with Heather it was the first anniversary of my mom’s death – and Heather was able to really be the bridge for my mom and myself (along with the angels). Receiving all of mom’s messages and confirmation of her presence from and through Heather has truly eased this difficult time and has confirmed how much my mom is in my life (Mom and Heather were even telling me about the books and music I’ve been ordering online and receiving in the mail – crazy, but spot on). Thanks for everything Heather!
~ Virginia

I have always had a close and strong relationship with God and believe my faith is even growing stronger. In addition to my spiritual awareness with God, I acknowledge the strength of my sixth sense. Since I was a little girl, I knew that there was something different about me. I have such vivid memories from past lives. I often meet people for the first time, yet have that sense that I have encountered them before. I often know things before they happen. I see spirits and I can sense evil or bad vibes from people.

I have shared stories with many people about what I see and know but until I talked with Heather, I did not know how to channel this energy. Heather has set me on a spiritual and inspirational journey that has been so rewarding and fulfilling. Her workshop was the most powerful and cleansing two days of my life, and since taking her workshop, my soul has awakened beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you, God, for sending me my angel, Heather Hildebrand.
~ Bari P., Centerville, TX

My life changed in such a beautiful way after Heather introduced me to the angels. It’s been a tremendous comfort and joy to have them in my life…to see them and feel their presence, things I would have never have paid attention to, or at least have identified as angels, had I not learned about them through my sessions with Heather. She has a remarkable intuitive gift; her readings are accurate and therapeutic, and in the first minute of conversation you feel like you are talking with family or a dear friend. I am a repeat customer and people I’ve recommended to Heather are now repeat customers. Thank you, Heather, for sharing this gift with all of us, my life has been better for it.”
~Jennifer B., San Marcos, TX

Thank you so much for the follow-up email, and the reading you gave for me tonight. You are one of my favorite advisors because i feel like i am reminded of my connection with God when i talk to you, because there have been times often this year when i have felt very disconnected and have called to remind myself that there’s a deeper wisdom to the events happening in my life. i appreciate your work, the skill, and the compassion you offer with your readings. sincerely,
~ Josie

I contact with Heather on a regular basis because she helps me to center and stay on the spirtual track. Her connection to the source is so pure and direct because everything she states about my current situation is dead on. She always has so much information to give me and things I can do…I truly think she is amazing and I am blessed to be able to connect with her. ThankYou !!
~ Denise

She was so in tune and connected with me right away! Her precision was amazing, her guidance and advice inspiring. Her reading was filled with love, warmth and practical advice from the angels. It was one of the best readings ever because her focus was not just on giving an immediate yes or no answer, but to my delight, it was spiritually guided to help me grow and heal. Thank you. We will be in touch!
~ Janie

Heather, I will say it again you truly are gifted from the universe and are able to guide and assist individuals in a healthy proactive way. From the first time I called you were able to zero in on my energy and have been extremely accurate on a consistent basis. Thanks for being my guardian angel and making such a difference in my life.
~ Rose

Such a vast amount of information came through. Thank you for your guidance–I’m so glad you brought up the ‘thing I saw’ clairvoyantly (I was afraid of it when it happened about a year+ ago, and was very surprised when you brought it up). And I understand now why you said what you did about money worries; though I didn’t want to talk about that, I realize now that ‘money scarcity’ is part of how I’ve been thinking lately (even though I’m financially fine), and I was arguing for reasons not to take a lot of extra spiritual workshops/classes because of it, so now I know that the angels want me to let that worry go. Anyway, that was an incredible reading.
~ Michelle

When I really need to know what is going on with people or how people are affecting a situation – Heather is absolutely brilliant. She not only can see the situation and people’s behaviors and intentions (and you will know she’s right on as she will often provide physical descriptions with spot on accuracy) – but she channels helpful information from Spirit about what I can do to understand and improve situations with these folks. Heather always makes me feel like I have a heavenly team working with me all the time! Thanks so much Heather!
~ H.M.